Competition and trying to beat those stage times is what rallying is all about! But as Assetto Corsa wasn’t built with rallying in mind this is a bit peculiar, and requires joining a server to set a stage time. Multi-stage events are not really possible at this time, except with manual timekeeping.

  • Find a Time Attack server or a live event
  • Host a server:
    • Rent a ready-to-race server at Emperor Servers, the creators of AC Server Manager (or another hosting party)
    • Run the software on your own pc, or on a cheap Amazon/Azure/… linux machine

By default there’s no check for starting position so people taking a flying start easily gain seconds. In live events this is checked visually, for non-live events this can be done using our Rally Timing App in combination with a licensed ACSM version (2.3.4 or later). Instructions to set up start verification: not as hard as it looks! Contact your provider to activate this feature on a hosted system.

In future events will be added here – for now: “AFM racing” runs weekly Time Attacks for Patreon subscribers and regularly organizes very nice live events.

!! Seek permission from creators before using mods (including tracks & cars) in public events !!