Assetto Corsa rallying news – June 2024

Since the launch of the site 3 months ago content has been steadily growing. The track list now contains 78 tracks: 53 tarmac, 9 gravel, 3 snow and 13 rated as hillclimb. Additionally, more quality lidar data sources were added and a guide on extracting building shapes from lidar data.

But the biggest news has to be CSP developers now being committed to enhancing the rallying experience in Assetto Corsa! While still in its early stages, development of gravel physics is well underway, a CSP integrated codriver is almost ready and more features are being considered like water splashes, improved timing functionality, live spectators, …

Meanwhile excellent tarmac tracks keep coming out, with recent releases including:

Castro de Beiro by AFM Racing

Rallysprint Lesaka by Come Over Gaming

Remarkably 2 modders are independently preparing to release Urbasako Igoera/Subida a Urbasa, with MTracks set for a stunning debut:

And work on the latest stages by 2 Assetto rally stalwarts is progressing steadily:

Prunières-Embrun by SuperStage

Joux Verte by JCRR

Riba Roja by EttieApple will be a long-term project, but as we’ve seen with Riudecanyes it will surely be worth the wait. And last but not least: Superstage is taking over the conversion of Gabiria-Legazpi from Jan Kadeřábek, and will finish & publish the stage right after the release of Prunières-Embrun!

Assetto Corsa Rally Central

This is the Assetto Corsa Rally Wiki 2.0! Bigger, better, totally independent and ad-free. As the spring of 2024 is approaching, Assetto Corsa remains the greatest rally simulator on tarmac thanks to its superb physics engine and some incredible work from the modding community. The focus will stay on tarmac as this is where Assetto Corsa excels – but AC modding really has no limits, as demonstrated by the RallyWorld Dakar mods.

All tracks from the original wiki are present, along with a number of gravel tracks and hillclimbs – many more will be added in the near future. A section on stagebuilding is in the works: at this time lidar and GIS related information, tools, and techniques are mostly ready, other tools, workflows and assetts will follow.

While JCRR just released the Mont Ventoux hillclimb we can look forward to no less than 3 “AAA” track releases in the coming months:

Gabiria-Legazpi by Jan Kadeřábek

Prunières-Embrun by SuperStage

Castro de Beiro by AFM Racing

And work has started on:

Joux Verte by JCRR